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Established in 2009, Zurmat Group pioneers the best services in the field of construction, Construction Metrail testing and Construction Engineering Consultants.

Operating out of a headquarters office located in Kabul Afghanistan, the company is comprised of a number of independent subsidiary companies specializing in construction, engineering, material testing, and project management. As a result of the synergistic efforts generated by the variety of expertise, the delivery of our inal product delights our clients. Cooperating under a well-organized network of talent sharing within the group, the ultimate result is a “One Stop Shop” solution for all our customers’ construction and engineering needs.

Quality, customer service, technical and manpower excellence are the keys to Al Zurmat Group success. Staffed with a strong national and international employee base, the group is prepared to take on all challenges. Constantly expanding in an ever-changing environmental Zurmat Group goal is to actively participate in reconstructing the critical infrastructure of Afghanistan. In the end, our aim is to improve the overall Afghans quality of life and help create sustained economic growth. Thanks to a secure base of satisfied clientele and increasing business opportunities, the company sustains excellence in quality by properly applying technological advancements in equipment and, through constant employee training and monitoring.

Working for the betterment and future of Afghanistan, our corporate giving through the corporate charity is another demonstration of our Corporate Philosophy. By taking a percentage of our corporate proits and reinvesting the money into the local communities, Zurmat Group is doing its part to support national recovery. Thru service projects, donations, and other charitable works, Zurmat Group wants to help improve the
quality of life for every Afghans regardless of tribe, region or heritage.

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