Since the founding of our company in 2009, we have been carrying out all of our business activities following our management philosophy which commits us to making a contribution to improving the lives of people and to the further progress of society throughout Afghanistan. “Shifting to a sustainable society & economy” has become a matter of great concern to people all around Afghanistan, against the backdrop of such things as deteriorating socio economical conditions and worries about the depletion of available resources.

For the next generation of people all around the Afghanistan, we want to lead the way in bringing about a green revolution that will start with our everyday lives, as we continue to make various proposals to provide safety and peace of mind as well as comfort to people’s lives in a sustainable way.

I believe that this is surely the right approach for us to take in putting our management philosophy into practice in today’s world. To be more exact, we have contributed in a sustainable society through three kinds of practices: “Professionalism” Zurmat Group has always emphasized on professional approach in its operations considering internationally accepted standards.

“Dedication” Zurmat Group has always dedicated its resources and efforts to complete any undertaken job with high satisfaction rate. Capacity building” Zurmat Group always continues capacity building of Afghan youth inside and outside of corporate. Higher capacity is proven to be long lasting asset for a nation. As some noble man have said “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

Fortunately Zurmat Group has earned the title of market leader in terms of its high quality services. This is the result of high-level of satisfaction of the project awarders who awarded Zurmat Group projects and Zurmat Group has handed them tisfactorily over to the clients. Our company has carried out a large-scale business reorganization covering the entire Group, including construction, material testing and Trade.

And now, in 2018, we are beginning to work under one brand in a new combined business location. At the new location, we are firmly determined to create solutions for the entire group, the entire country, and the entire globe by making the most of all the products, Technologies, and services that Zurmat Group possesses.

Yousaf Zaland

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