Site & Geotechnical Investigation

Zurmat Group maintains modern drilling, soil-rock sampling, field and laboratory testing equipment designed for all types of geotechnical investigation purposes according to the latest technologies. Equipment for geophysical studies, as well as mixers and pumps for grouting purposes, are also available at Zurmat Group.

Zurmat Group site and geotechnical investigation services consist of:

  • Onshore and offshore drilling.
  • Field testing and geotechnical sampling.
  • Soil and rock laboratory testing.
  • Geotechnical studies for dams, roads, buildings and retaining structures.
  • Geological surveys including geological and geotechnical mapping.
  • Investigation, monitoring and analysis for slope stability.
  • Geophysical studies.
  • Installation and monitoring of field geotechnical instrumentation.
  • Consultation on special geotechnical studies.
  • Prospecting studies for mining and construction materials.
  • Research programs and training courses.
  • Interpretive reporting of field and laboratory test results.

Zurmat Group has one of the largest geotechnical drilling fleets in the Arab World, with more than 180 drill rigs distributed among its sister companies. Zurmat Group drilling rigs are mounted on all types of carriers to allow access to virtually any condition on land or water.

Zurmat Group is equipped to carry out offshore site investigations for projects ranging in size from small projects in shallow water to large projects in relatively deep water. This is performed using jack-up pontoons and drilling rigs specifically designed for this purpose.

Various drilling and sampling techniques are used at Zurmat Group including rotary conventional and wireline core drilling, hollow and solid auger drilling, percussion drilling, SPT sampling, Pitcher sampling, Shelby tube and piston sampling. Depths of up to 1000m are achievable by some of Zurmat Group’ rigs.

Geotechnical investigations at Zurmat Group are generally complemented by various in-situ testing methodologies including penetration (CPTU; SPT; DCPT; Mackintosh), expansion (pressuremeter; dilatometer), strength (vane shear; plate bearing; shear box), permeability (falling/constant head; packer), pumping (pumping; infiltration; percolation) and compaction (CBR; density) tests, among others.